Centre de Recherches et des Technologies des Eaux

Description of the Organisation

The Centre for Water Research and Technologies (CERTE) is a public institution with scientific and technological vocation, under the authority of the Tunisian Ministry of higher education and scientific research. CERTE is equipped with the latest analytical equipment for water and soil analysis and software for remote sensing and GIS and has more than 100 permanent researchers.

Principle investigator

Dr. Makram Anane
Tel.: +216 79 325 044
E-mail: makramanane@yahoo.com

Dr. Makram Anane received his PhD from Lérida University, Spain, in 2004, on crops growth monitoring using remote sensing data. His current research interest includes assessment and mapping of the impact of irrigation on soil and groundwater, conception and building geodatabases on water and wastewater, application of GIS, multicriteria decision analysis and remote sensing for reclaimed water reuse management.

Contribution to the project

CERTE will be leading the environmental and socio-economic sustainability study and will address the life cycle sustainability assessment of the entire SmaCuMed concept. CERTE will be supported by local partners UCA , MIU and the subcontracted partner Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics (IBP). CERTE will be modelling the entire system with data collection on various parameters like water balance, crop yield and economic value, social characterization etc.

Relevant Publications

  • Elleuch M. A., Anane , Euchi J. and Frikha A.. (2019). Hybrid fuzzy multi-criteria decision making to solve the irrigation water allocation problem in the Tunisian case study. Agricultural Systems 176. 1-13.
  • Anane M. (2018). Les indicateurs pour le développement régional : Importance de la dimension géospatiale et des systèmes d’aide à la décision. Revue du Commissariat Régional du Développement Régional. N°10/11
  • Gdoura K., Anane M. and Jellali S. (2015). Geospatial and AHP-multicriteria analyses to locate and rank suitable sites for groundwater recharge with reclaimed water. Resources, Conservation & Recycling. . Volume 104, Part A. 19-30
  • Anane M, Abidi B, Lachaal F, Limam A and Jellali S (2013). GIS-based DRASTIC, Pesticide DRASTIC and the Susceptibility Index (SI): comparative study for evaluation of pollution potential in the Nabeul-Hammamet shallow aquifer, Tunisia. Hydrogeology Journal.