Setup and Commission of the new MCDI system

The setup of the new MCDI plant – Voltea IS12 – with a desalination capacity of up to 30 L/min is being carried out at the facilities of HsKA University. The IS12 system consists of 12 electrode modules (C17, Voltea®). Pilot trials will include desalination of model water (NaCl and multi-ion solution) based on Moroccan groundwater with salinity as high as 10 g/L. The desalination of seawater ( > 30 g/L) and brackish water (1 – 30 g/L) is an energy-intensive process.

With the SmaCuMed box, novel technologies will be tested to produce high-quality water for irrigation with the use of only renewable energy source, solar PV. The tests in the HsKA laboratory will allow the optimization of the operational parameters for the MCDI system, which will be piloted in 2 trial tests in Morocco. Pilot trials are planned to start later this year.

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