Description of the organisation

Since 1998, Aquagri (ACE and LDA) is specialised in services and instruments for irrigation water management, integrating sensors, web-based monitoring technologies and data analysis tools. AQG has 21 years of experience in irrigation management and provides complementary services, such as water logistics studies, irrigation and drainage design, soil studies and practical training courses on irrigation, irrigation management, use and maintenance of equipments to support these activities. Since 2015 AQG is 50% partner in Agriprecision S.A.R.L. company in Morocco.

Principle investigator

Mr. Onno Paul Schaap
Tel.: +351 917 651 104



Mr. Onno Paul Schaap is a specialist in Land and Water Management, with large experience in Water User Association Development, development and implementation of training programs in a wide range of subject matters, on-farm and in-field Irrigation design and Water Management and Institutional Development. He has 30 years of international experience in rural extension, studies, project management for the WHO, the European Union, ADB, WB, MCC, MCA, GTZ/GIZ, Ministries of Agriculture and private sector.

Contribution to the project

Aquagri will cooperate with HsKA on the development of robust real-time sensors for monitoring water quality and irrigation management (WP 2). This will be conducted for data acquisition of the water treatment system, renewable energy system, groundwater condition and parameters of precise irrigation. Aquagri will also cooperate with CERTE to address the development of a computer-based algorithm to simulate the water balance under the conditions of the pilot regions, to help farmers improve their irrigation management efficiency by integrating real time information from weather stations, plant phenology and soil conditions during the crop cycle. This tool will allow farmers to understand the real water requirements from their crops, promoting the optimization of resources management – water, fertilizer and energy. 

Aquagri will also contribute in the pilot demonstration of the SmaCuMed prototype in Morocco along with other project partners. Lastly, Aquagri will join with local partners in Morocco in areas of capacity building, dissemination and organizing workshops for stakeholders.

Relevant Publications

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