Project Partners

The project is carried out by 6 European and North-African partners with an aim to develop an integrated approach to provide a smart irrigationn solution for sustainable agriculture.

The consortium has been carefully selected to ensure a multidisciplinary approach necessary to realise this innovative concept.

Project Coordinator:

Prof. Dr. Jan Hoinkis
Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences (HsKA)
Tel: +49 721 925 1372

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Hochschule Karlsruhe – Technik und Wirtschaft (HsKA) – Germany
Contact person: Prof. Jan Hoinkis

E-mail: jan.hoinkis ResearchGate


Cadi Ayyad University (UCA) – Marrakesh, Morocco
Contact person: Prof. Abdelilah El Abbassi 


ORCID | Google Scholar | ResearchGate


Aquagri IIM, Lda (AQG) – Portugal

Contact person: Lopo José Carvalho

Moulay Ismail University (MIU) – Errachidia, Morocco
Contact person: Prof. Fatima Jaiti

  Centre de Recherches et des Technologies des Eaux (CERTE) – Tunisia Contact person: Dr. Makram Anane




Raach Solar – Germany

Contact person: Jürgen Raach


Subcontracting Institute

Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics (IBP) – Germany

Contact person: Mr. Florian Gehring

E-mail: (Department of Life Cycle Engineering)