Description of the Organisation

Moulay Ismail University was established on October 23, 1989. In total eight institutions belong to this university, two of which have limited access. It hosts in 2019 approximately 69,400 students. The main tasks of the MIU are initial and continuing training; development and dissemination of knowledge and culture; preparation of young people for integration into working life, particularly through the development of know-how; scientific and technological research; carrying out expert assessments and the contribution to the overall development of the country. These objectives are achieved through the efforts of 940 research teachers, 585 administrators and 320 partners. Through its national and international collaborations (300 conventions) and research structures (193 teams and 36 laboratories), the University publishes more than 540 high-quality articles.

Principle investigator

Prof. Fatima Jaiti


Professor Fatima Jaiti is entitled at the Faculty of Science and Technology Errachidia, University Moulay Ismail. She is a PhD graduate on Plant Physiology and Biotechnology from the University Cadi Ayyad. Her areas of competence are Plant Physiology and Biotechnology & Plant Protection. She has conducted several research studies on the behavior of plants to biotic and abiotic stresses in greenhouses and field.

Contribution to the project

The Moulay Ismail University play a major role in phase-2 of the project. MIU is one of the task leaders for the pilot phase of the plant prototypes. MIU addresses with UCA and other partners the implementation and testing of the pilot plant. MIU joins with CERTE to study life cycle sustainability of the entire SmaCuMed concept by modelling the entire system demonstrated with data collection on various parameters like water balance, crop yield and economic value, social characterization etc., Lastly, MIU will collaborate with UCA & CERTE for capacity building, communication and dissemination and exploitation of the project. MIU also will contribute to scientific publications and provide support for training and workshops.

Relevant Publications

  • Reda MEZIANI, Mouaad Amine MAZRI, Mahassine ARHAZZAL, Ilham BELKOURA, Chakib ALEM, Fatima JAITI. 2019. Evaluation of In Vitro Shoot Elongation and Rooting of Date Palm, and determination of Physiological Characteristics of Regenerated Plantlets. Not Sci Biol, 2019, 11(1) DOI: 10.15835/nsb11110402
  • Reda Meziani , Chakib Alem , Abdelhi Dihazi , Brahim Rabach, Mustapha Ait Chitt , Fatima Jaiti. 2017. Effect of Cultural Practices on the Growth of Date Palm VitroPlants Planted in Errachidia (South East of Morocco) Journal of Life Sciences 11: 279-285. doi: 10.17265/1934-7391/2017.06.003
  • MEZIANI R., JAITI F;, MAZRI M. A., ANJARNE M., AIT CHITT M., EL FADILE J., ALEM C. 2015. effects of plant growth regulators and light intensity on the micropropagation of date palm (phoenix dactylifera l.) cv. mejhoul. j. crop sci. biotech. 2015 (december) 18 (5): 325 – 331
  • MEDDICH A., JAITI F., BOURZIK W., EL ASLI A. & HAFIDI M. 2015. Use of mycorrhizal fungi as a strategy for improving the drought tolerance in date palm (Phoenix dactylifera). Scientia Horticulturae 192: 468–474