Pilot trials in Erfoud

The Smart-Cube is now at its new location: Erfoud.

The next pilot phase will take place at a date palm plantation in the vecinity of Erfoud, in the region of Errachidia. Here, the cube will be tested for the irrigation of date palms in a arid-region, where water salinization is affecting farmers and local population with exuberating high salt concentration of up to 20 g/L.

Our team has started with the preparation of the pilots:

  • Smart-Cube setup including PV and desalination systems MCDI + LPRO
  • Drip lines for irrigation
  • Water and soil sensors
  • Pumping system
  • Cleaning the PV panels
  • Setting tanks for feed – and irrigation

The pilot trials are set to start mid January irrigating the date palms with three different target concentrations. The pilot trials shall show the response of date palms to different salinities and the feasability of the desalination systems in order to develop the best irrigation strategies in this case.

Stay tuned!

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