SmaCuMed – 2nd trainings session

Our project is dedicated to the efficient desalination of groundwater for sustainable agriculture in the Mediterranean region. Our goal is not only to develope sustainable concepts and technologies, but also to aise awareness on the environmental impacts of SmaCuMed on water management and irrigation, boost capacity building and best practice sharing between farmers, managers, stakeholders and the scientific community, and the transfer of technical knowledge.

In order to achieve these goals, training sessions on-site (living-lab) of sustainable water treatment facilities are planed. On March 4 and 5, 2022 our second training session will be held in a two-day event on-site.

The training courses will be focusing on the areas of “desalination using regenerative energies” and “real-time monitoring in agriculture”. Furthermore, the second part of the 1st training on “solar energy system for desalination” will take place. The trainings will be given by project partners, the Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences (Germany)., Aquagri Ltd (Lisbon, Portugal) and Raach Solar (Erolzheim, Germany).

The trainings will take place in Marrakesh, at the Cadi Ayyad University and will include a visit to the first SmacuMed pilot plant, which was installed in October 2021 in Essaouira, Morocco. The system is used to irrigate argan trees in a coastal region west of Marrakesh, Morocco.

For more information about the upcoming trainings you can download the trainings flyer and programme here.

Update: Materials and pictures on our second trainings sessions are available here

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